Secure Customer Data Today!

The secure online forms will reassure your customers that their information is protected.

You can check for valid email addresses, alphanumeric characters, numeric values or passwords. The submitted information can be exported into many popular file formats: CSV, XLS and XML. Submissions can also be individually converted into PDF files....

Create forms and accept payments.

Break down your form in to pages or sections to increase your conversion rate.

Choose if a field is mandatory or not. You can check for valid email addresses, alphanumeric characters, numeric values or passwords....

Validation and Electronic Signature

Accept legally binding electronic signatures. Works on computer and touch devices..

Complete validation for each field. You’ll get clean and correct data. This effectively stops spambots from submitting your forms with junk links.

Free and Open Source For All Devices

Our custom templates have easy to understand settings that give you full control of your site to change layouts, add social media buttons, change fonts and colors and much more, all without getting to know Web site codes. Plus, we include free software installs to create beautiful displays.







Full technical support with Web hosting packages

Our template services provide Web content management to oversee stories and graphics posted on a Web site. Web content managers are often referred to as “webmasters.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Maintenance and optimization of Web sites for individuals or businesses

We are committed to a mixture of themes for many Web site types, whether it is your first time experience or an established site. We provide the same powerful site experience across all devices.

Support Software

We can provide a free customer service software for your templates using Live Help or Support Tickets that track solutions.

File Solutions

There are options to control who can see attachments and who can upload them, along with many other options to increase file flexibility and usefulness.

Newsletter Software

Browse a monthly collection of highlighted free and open source content that includes public viewing and downloading without subscribing.

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